Solid shampoos for oily, frizzy, fine, white, dyed


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Solid chmpús for all hair types made with vegetable oils, hydrolates and essential oils.
There are two ways to use the pill:
1. Rub directly on wet hair to generate foam.
2. Rub the pill between previously wet hands where the foam will be generated and then apply it to the hair.
The procedure is then the same as with a liquid shampoo massage and rinse with plenty of water.
The pill format has multiple advantages:
- Weighs and occupies less ideal for when we go on a trip besides not being liquid there will be no liquid problem
- A green gesture that prevents tons of CO2 into the atmosphere.
- We save because in the long run it comes out cheaper as they can last more than 20 washes

100gr weight

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Very good xampú.

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