Freya Facial (Facial Exfoliator)


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It's going to help us clean the pores, the blackheads, to regulate the bait.
This exfoliator can be used daily because it is very gentle, it will give us nourishment and hydration leaving the skin soft.
Green clay purifies the skin, cleanses the pores thoroughly so that all the dirt comes out and cleans the black dot that the pores remain. Absucve the excess fat our skin can have.
Himalayan salt protects the skin, creates like a film on our skin so it doesn't fall apart.
Oatmeal will serve us to purify the skin, to remove small spots also helps us to make a very gentle natural exfoliation.
Ground almond is the one that will give the nutrition and exfoliation to our face, apart from elasticity, smoothness and softness.
Vegetable liquid glycerin protects our skin from the loss and moisture it has.

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