Resurface Eira soap


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It will do a gentle cleansing in which it will give us nourishment, light to the skin, smoothness and above all that the skin is not left flaccid.
It will help us in extremely dry and somewhat mature skin.
- Rosehip oil enhances skin regeneration and gives us a lifting effect.
- Hyaluronic acid is one of the most effective moisturizing agents out there, keeps the skin firm and elastic and promotes collagen production.
- SCI is a surfactant derived from preservative-free coconut oil and easily biodegradable, creates a creamy foam and leaves a soft skin feeling to the touch.
- Rose Hydrolate has anti-inflammatory, refreshing and astringent properties, goes for dry skin, sensitive and devitalized skin and revitalizes mature skin.
- Rose powder gives off a delicious aroma that evokes calm

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